Podere Belmantello Darione

Cantine Paradiso Podere Belmantello Darione


I Vini di Veronelli 2018

I Vini di Veronelli 2018

Podere Belmantello Darione, 2015 2 stars


Production area: Countryside around Cerignola

Grape variety: 100% Primitivo

Yield per hectare: 100 q

Harvest period: Last week of August - first week of September

Soil type: Clayey-limestone

Vinification: In the cellar, the grapes are destemmed and conveyed to stainless-steel fermentation vessels, where they are kept at a temperature of 10-12°C for 24-36 hours. Then they are inoculated with cultured yeasts and fermented at a constant temperature of 26-27°C. After fermentation, the grapes are pressed and the resulting wine is transferred back into stainless steel tanks, where it is aged for approximately 3 months, before filtering and bottling, where it remains for around 2 more months before its release.

Sensory characteristics: Deep, impenetrable hue, with purple highlights. The particular fermentation process ensures that the wine preserves the typical characteristics of the grape variety and enhances the fruity notes.

Food pairings: Red meats and mature cheeses.

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