Tre generazioni Paradiso

Three generations of Paradisos

Cantina Paradiso's history commenced in 1950 with Grandfather Angelo, one of the many peasants who populated the Puglia countryside during that period. He would wake up at night and, during the dark hours of early morning, would start a day of toil that lasted until sunset. He married young, had four children and, with their help, achieved his dream of building a winery that remains the central pivot around which the business has developed.

Imagine a poor area like Puglia during the post-war period and you'll understand the sacrifices that Angelo had to make with the help of his family.

As the years went by, the winery expanded and, as it passed from Angelo's children to his grandchildren, it became a benchmark for the production of local wines.

During the estate's 60-year history, the Paradiso family have always given the utmost importance to their close ties to this unique terroir, promoting the area's winemaking culture and constantly improving the quality of their production. The ongoing results confirm the choices made by three generations of down-to-earth vignerons closely bound to tradition and sensitive to innovation.